GD-LS-130 Automatic roll paper log saw cutting machine

Function and features:

1.This machine is used to cut toilet paper and kitchen roll paper. It is easy to operate and enjoy high speed

2.Adopt computer control production, reset automatically, cut, cut and wrap length, adjustable the period of cutting.

3.Equipped with touch screen person-to-computer control, production parameter, production trouble can be showed on the screen.

4.610 mm diameter disc knife high speed revolving rapidly. (cut two roll paper at one time).Without knife mark and rough edges while cutting.  

5.Equipped with advanced photoelectric checking system, advanced servo driving system, pneumatic element, bearing tool and other advanced products.

6.Equipped with feeding knife grinder, the grinding of knife blade is higher precision. It is safe and insures while grind the knife.

Main technical parameter:

1. Paper Roll Length: 1200~2800mm (it is according to customers’ requirement)

2. Diameter of paper roll: φ90~φ130mm ( it can be changed)

3. Production speed: times of cut 50~80 times/min ×2 roll/time

4. Power 10kw(380v 50Hz)

5. Overall size: 7.0m×1.5m×2.3m( L×W×H)

6. Weight: about 3 ton


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