GD-FT -L Automatic log saw facial tissue cutting machine

High speed Convolute facial tissue cutting machine  is an important component  equipment of Box-drawing facial tissue production line , which  can greatly improve the level of automation and production efficiency of the production line.

The machine is strong, beautifully designed, cut Paper precise movements, rolls flat section, and smooth.

Configuration as following:

1. With automatic sharpening function

2. Automatic kick waste function

3. Lateral cutting structure, blade higher utilization

4. Sharpening wheels can be automatically adjusted according to the degree of wear of the blade sharpening;

5. Overall size:2000*1700*1700mm

6. Cutting length:90-250 adjustable

7. Speed :100-130mm  140 cuts/min, 200-230mm 80 cuts/min

8. Power of main motor:2.2KW

9. Power of cutter motor:2.2 KW

10. Power of convey servo motor :1.5 KW


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