GD-MX-600 Automatic sealing Shrinking Machine

L-type automatic closure of the main parameters of contraction:

Power supply220V/380V 50HZ/60Hz220V/380V 50Hz
Packing sizeL(100-660)*W(60-440)*H(5-180)MML700*W400*200HMM
Packing speed1-28rolls/min20-40rolls/min
Sealing knife Size / cavity size:L+H≤450/W+H≤350mm1000*450*250MM
Machine size1800*850*1525mmL1300×W715×H1455mm

The following is a feature of the combination of the machine:

1. The international high-tech and imported components:

2. Automatic L type seals cuts:

600C is a fully automatic unmanned operation of the "L" type sealer is widely used in the packaging of the assembly-line production, high efficiency, automatic film feeding punch, automatic envelope sealing, only need to manually adjust the guide membrane system and manually adjust the feed conveyor platform for different width and height of the product.

3. the perfect combination of efficient sealing and cutting shrink

① Equipped with imported photoelectric detection, horizontal and vertical detection of a group, to facilitate the switch choice for thin and small packaging, can easily complete the sealing packaging operations;

② Automatic feeding, length can also via a combination of electric eye and timer, automatic adjustment; equipped with an induction motor, automatic take-waste;

③ When the packaging size changes, the adjustment is very simple, do not change the mold and bag filter;

④ Different sizes of product packaging can also mix and match to meet the promotional effect;

⑤ Sealing and shrinking packaging continuous auto-complete, stable performance, significant savings in manpower, quality, high shrink efficiency, applicability;

⑥ High cost, economical and durable, suitable for POF, sealing shrink PVC and other heat shrinkable film.

4. The effect is beautiful, effect a lot:

① after the closure of all heat-shrink products more attractive, with moisture, corrosion, shock and other effects;

② automatic L-type sealing and cutting shrink packaging machine for multiple items bind tightly packed and tray packaging, but also with supporting the use of automated packaging line is the preferred product sealing shrink packaging.

5. Safe caring, the lowest failure rate:

① Mechanical properties of precision and durable, tight design, no vibration during operation, stable and reliable operation;

② Sealing knife use DuPont Teflon anti-stick coating high-temperature aluminum knife, sealing will not crack, not coke, do not smoke, zero pollution;

③ Seal cutter with automatic protection function effectively prevent the misuse of cut packaging;

④ Tens of thousands of components aging test, to ensure that every detail is more stable, the lowest failure rate, safe production and efficient shrink-wrapping

⑤ Sealing machine partially filled plexiglass shield, and with automatic alarm function, greatly improving operator safety.

6. Penetrate the industry, driving home and abroad:

Relying on the above advantages, the automatic L-type sealing and cutting shrink packaging machine is reliable, stable and efficient for food, software, pharmaceuticals, beverages, tobacco, chemical, automotive, cable, cosmetic, electronic and other famous enterprises in large quantities shrink-wrapped product.

7. 4525 temperature shrink packaging machine:

Heating systemInsulationHigh temperature resistant mineral wool production, working low surface temperature, reducing heat loss.
Temperature controlTaiwan "ANV" temperature controller and imported thermal sensors, temperature 0-220`C
Conveyor systemMotorUS-funded "VTV" motors, gearboxes
Speed governorUS-funded "VTV", to ensure the smooth delivery
Air transport systemSpecially designed air duct systems, products heat evenly, high power blowing motors to ensure uniform contraction furnace hot air.


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